Back on track!

Hello planner peeps! 
I have been on the road this weekend, or the tracks to be more precise. So fun to be out on adventures and a train really gives you the opportunity to have a bit of planner fun while you travel. Later this month I will write a couple of tips and tricks when traveling. One thing I will try to do for that is figure out how to do one of those fantastic envelopes that the Happie Scrappie kits comes packed in. It is perfect to stuff all of your things in! 
This was the first time my youngest and I didn't bed share. So weird! And very very nice to be able to enjoy a quite and lovely breakfast at the hotel I stayed at. With some planning. I even got to drink my coffee hot! 
This is how the spread I created on the train turned out. I am absolutly loving the colors of the april Cocoa Daisy kits! The accent color this week turned out to be pink, I think it made the entire spread look a little more playful! 
One of my favorites on the functional sticker sheet are the big cirkles. The tiny polkadots on them is such a fun little twist, that kind of detail really sits well with me! 
For my focus list this week I used a die cut from one of the planner kits. it is glued down so the washi strips at the top are only there for decorative purposes. That yellow washi from the planner 102 class kit really makes my heart flutter! 
Next weekend already has a bit of plans. Can't believe that my tiny tiny baby already turns 2!! He's almost as old as his big brother was when he himself was born. So strange! The little rabbit is from a freebie I got from Londongifties. Still wishing that they'll turn up in her shop! The weekend banner really accentuated the playful feel of the feel of the spread. The "dream big girl" sticker is placed on two strips of skinny washi from Simple stories. How cute is that to mark out a birthday disco for an awsome six year old. I really do hope she dares to dream big! 
That's it for my weekly spread this week! There's setup video for April up on my YouTube channel, do check it out if you want to see how I have set things up this month. 
What's your plans for the week?   
*I am part of the Cocoa Daisy planner team and Londongifties PR team