A little May hello

Today I am up on the Cocoa Daisy blog sharing my May setup. And I thouhgt I would share 6 tips and tricks I in my dori! There is also a video up on my YouTube channel on my setting up of May. 
Something I like to include each month is a photo of my kids. And I use one of the 3x4 cards from the Cocoa Daisy planner add on kit to back it up, I use a simple paper clip to secure them there and I haved used this trick for a really long time and the photos really do sit securly there. 
One of the first things I did this month was to make a little sheet with ink tests. It is superhandy to have to help decide what inks to use. Also I can see if there is any bleed throug which is really nice to know!  
I like to keep my things on cute little trays and such. And it is not only for display purposes! Having the die cuts on a tray makes it so much easier to find what I want to use and having them out in the open makes me more keen to use them. Plus it does look cute and cute is fun, right? 
Usually I order photos online after the month is finished. So I have created a little booklet of a couple of the pages from the notepad from the planner kit. Each page is divided into two parts on the front and back and each part is used for one day. This way I can jot down a couple of things I want to remember when the month is over. Easy and superhandy! 
5. TABS 
Tabs, tabs TABS! I use almost all of my tabs included in the kit, that way it is easy to navigate throug the pages. I also use a couple of paperclips. That is one of my favorite things, when decorative and practical meets. Love it! 
I have gotten a couple of questions about my preplanning and for that I use a midori monthly insert. I have the blank insert so I can chose just how many months I want to use and when. Something I have discovered is that the day stickers found in the planner add on fits perfectly on the top of  these pages. The clip  by the way is attatched to the front cover as I figured that the previous month alread are over and done with. 
BONUS Quick plan with me! 
This time I went with a couple of the arrows from the decorative sticker sheet in the planner kit. 
I used the weekend banner found in the planner add on and one of the moths just above it and washi underneath. That is the basic decoration for the week, there will be a bit more especially as there are sneaks coming up on monday for the July  planner kit. I love to mark that out as I always am superexcited about those! 
Take care!