No more March

Hello fellow planners!  I have been busy making plans and getting things checked off of my lists. Okay I'll admit I have been falling asleep togethher with the kids. Anyone care to explain why that is? Always when I plan on putting the kids to bed I end up being the first to catch zzz's. 
This week is the last of March and I have really enjoyed this kit. Might have to film a flip throuhg as the mini dori has filled up to the brim. Would you guys want to see that? Comment down below! 
Something I look forward to every month is the Cocoa Daisy reveal. This month I created a little cluster with cut out stickers, a sticker with the word "reveal" scribbled on it and a partial Simon stamp. The plan is to color him in after reveal. The washi came with the main planner kit and I just cut it in half to better suit my mini format. 
For my work schedule I use the arrows/riny houses. I'm going to fill out my schedule in those. 
My partner in crime has his birthday this week and I just pulled together of cute things that I lile. I did end up bending the yello arrow a bit too much so I hid it befhind a cute little flower. 
This weekend I am making a minitrip to Stockholm all by myself. The kids and their dad is going to stay at hime and make their own little adventures. As the planner nerd I am I felt the need to wrtite all of the details down. The list is going to be used for scheduled things. And the dots I  am going to list where we're sitting and all that fun stuff. 
Please feel free to comment any questions down below!   
Take care!