New planner!

So I have added another member to my planner family. I have been anxious to try planning in a personal planner for a while and I have just now found a reson to do so. Say hi to my crafty/social media planner! This is meant to be used both for jotting down ideas and to actually plan what and when to post things. 
On the first page, behind tis really cute coffee cup, I want to write down things I want to do during the month. What ever is left when March is over will be transfered into April if I still feel like it is things I want to get done. 
On the monthly overview I will write down when I have things planned. And I also wanted to add a little tracker on how much I post on different social media. It is going to be fun to see what I can actually acomplish during the month. 
On the week on one page I will go into more detail on what to do, and the more crafty part will be planned in here as well. On the back of the divider for this section I added a couple of pages from the note pad. Always nice to have a little bit of paper close by. 
On the  back of the week on one page I have written down what I want to have done this week. This makes the planning on the front so much easier and it also gives me a nice overview on what tasks I have left. 
Some days will probably need daily to do pages so I added a section for that. These can be done for specific projects as well. I adore that little watering can and plant down in the hydrate section. It is probably one of my favorite parts of the March inserts, need to fusst cut one out to have in my gardening plans. 
I had this paper clip in my stash and it will be used to mark out the daily page currently used. Isn't it a perfect match to the inserts?
And lastly I have a notes section. Here I will write down ideas that don't belong in a specific month. It could be all sorts of things that I need to get out of my head like inspiration for layouts or tutorials or what ever comes to mind. Here I have a bit more space than that list in the beginning of the planner. I will keep a little index and will cross out things as they have been done or if the idea gets tossed  out the window. 
Do you keep more than one planner? What do you use it for? 
Take care!