Hello March!

Today I will be sharing a bit of my setup for March. There is also going to be a video up on my YouTube channel.I use a mini dori from Cocoa Daisy and most of the things I use come from thier main planner kit and planner add on kit.
I found the cats washi in my stash and immideatly wanted to use it on my front. There is also a bit of watercolor, alpha stickers and more washi going on on the outside. 
The first spread is, as always, my index. New for this month is that the most important things on the index page will be transfered to my new gridded insert. Yes I have invested a bit in my pocket love and now have a monthly insert as well as a gridded insert. Those are going to be kept from month to month to keep track of those things that stretches further than the current month. Such as a master index.
After the weekly views, that I will go into more detail each week, there is a monthly overview. This month I have decided to add in a spring cleaning list. The monthly overview is handdrawn on one of the pages from the daily personal pages from Cocoa Daisy and then fussy cut. The monthly overview here will be used for tracking and I'm toying with the idea to use it to plan the spring cleaning a bit more. 
The middle spread has my meal planning ideas. I really like this way of planning meals. It sort of crashed during the last part of February  due to sickness and stuff. But now I want to get back to it! Having a meal plan really helps in so many ways. 
Next is my weekly todo lists. Or March goals as the tab says, I think that feels appropriate... I have used the checklists on the functional sticker sheet from Cocoa Daisy on this spread and I feel like its a good amount of chores to focus on each week. 
This spread I thought I would use to track the Cocoa Daisy planner challenge. I really like that challenge so far and it has given me quite a few new ideas to use in my planners. 
To me March marks the beginning of the gardening season. And part of that is to plan what we want to grow this year. This year I have an eager four year old who is really excited about helping out to pick seeds for the season and to be part of planting and gardening. The first set of seeds he choose were a bag of daisies, thouhgt that was fitting! 
I'm giving the reading another chance this month. So far I have failed! In January I started a book I never really got into and in February I didn't even get around to choose a book... So if someone has something light hearted and easy to read to recommend I'd be happy to hear about it! The cute books and ink bottle are stickers from Londongifties
Something new I tried in February was to add in a couple of the notepad pages at the end of my dori. I have divided that pages and marked down the dates. The idea is to write a little everyday so I have notes I can bring over to my photo journaling later on. So far it has worked out really well. Having half a page feels easy enough and don't put too much pressure on. 
On the back of the dori I added a little bag that came in the Day in the life kit from Cocoa Daisy. I use this to store ephemera and this will be taken to the photo journaling along with the little notepad. 
This is what my monthly insert look like. I added the weekday stickers that came in the add on kit at the top, they were a bit too big so they overlap a bit. Overall I like the look of them though. The monthly insert I keep fairly simple with minimum amount of stickers and such. I use washi tape to mark out longer events that stretches over more than one day. 
The notepad has been placed in the far back of my planner and I think it looks stunning together! 
And the pageflags were placed in the fron pockets. Perfect to use for forward planning plus they make the front pockets look a little bit extra cute. 
This is what my planner looks like when we enter March, I am pretty confident that it will fill up a lot more as we go. How have you set your March planner up? 
Have a nice day and take care!