February setup plus week 5

Whaw so  happy about a new week! And even happier we got throgh last week alive! It was quite the ehmm.... adventure? 
Today's the last day of January and I am looking forward to February like crazy! Not only because it is a month filled with love and cute Simon but also beacuse 4 years ago I was the biggest I have ever been. Looking back it is a miracle that I could still stand those last couple of weeks before my first born drew his first breath. That is really worth celebrating! I remember us joking about having a "all hearts child"*
I thought I would give you a little bit of a tour of my mini Daisydori of the month. There is also a setup video up on YouTube if you prefer moving pictures. Link HERE <3
The first page is dedicated to my forward planning. Here I write down everything from birthdays to appointments. I like to keep it simple here and have only added the numbers because I know that by the end of the month it is going to be packed here! I used the Simon weather stamp for the rainbow Simon and Forward planning. I also added a couple of sticky notes at the bottom. 
As I started by journey with a bulletjournal once upon a time I still use an index for all of my Doris. This way I can keep track of all of my random notes. As I have really fallen heads over heals inlove with this format I will be getting an empty midori insert to do some long term stuff and also keep an index with things that I want to find in the future. The index is followed by my weekly todos and my week on 2 pages. 
In my middle section I keep my meal planning. I have a page with checkboxes and fill out ideas for what to eat. I then simply fill in the color for the week I'm planning for and that is it. This month I thought the donut stamp from the Cocoa Daisy main planner kit was a perfect match! I have since this photo was taken colored them all in. 
The nerdiest part of my planner this month is probably the spread where I thought I would track what clothes the kids currently have. Sort of an inventory to see if they're set or if they need anything. As a memory keeper I thouhght it would be fun for future referense as well. This cluster was a result of my bad stamping by the way. If you look closely you could see the last part of the word rainy underneath that spotty washi tape. What can I say? Saving errors is one of my many talents! 
Lastly is my monthly  overview. I used one of the daily pages from the personal sized planner pages and used the grid part on the back of the page. Each square is 2x4 squares and it fits perfectly! I did try to see if the monthly overview already in the personal pages would fit but they turned out to be a bit too high to work. Shame! The donut is also a result of my stamping by the way. Or my ability to transfer ink with my fingers. I thouhgt it added a fun touch! 
And to finish it up I attatched the cute little heart from Hautepinkfluff. I love this little heart! 
On to this week! This is what my current spread looks like. So far pretty clean. Fun fact: I stamped and cut out saturday and sunday for the whole month. Only I just name them weekend and be done with it. I realized that after I had glued down about half of the days of the month.... 
In addition to the stickers from the Cocoa Daisy planner kit I used a couple of stickers from the etsy shop Londongifties** (psst use the code ANNAPR for 10% off any purchase of at least £15) This adoreble little hedgehog was part of the sampler she offers right now. Big swoon alert!
Something I love to add on my pages is a little focus/todo list each week. These are not focused on this around the house like tidying up or so it is more of my personal goals for the week. 
For marking out when I am working i used a heart stamp that also was on the the stamp set in the main kit. I inked it up with VersaMagic "Pink Grapefruit" and I kinda like it! The writing is my own scribbles.  Sometimes it is easy to forget the personal imperfect writing because using stamps is so much fun! 
That was the spread for this week! Please check by my Instagram to see more photos posted plus to see how last week turned out! 
Take care!
*In Sweden Valentines day is called "All hearts day" 
** I am part of the Londongifties PR team