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The new year called for a new blog. I felt it was about time to expand my crafty sharings and be able to give you a bit more tips and tricks for your planner. Here you will find updates on when I upload videos to YouTube and a weekly post on my planner spread for the week. If you have any feedback please do share, I would love to hear from you! If there's anything you would like me to write about share that too. Enjoy! 
This is what next week looks like in my planner. I am currently using an insert from Cocoa Daisy, in the mini size. I use a pocket sized Malden that I have taken the rings out of. Currently  I have three inserts from Cocoa Daisy, a tiny notebook plus a thick notepad in there so I think it is pretty spacious! 
Something I am fond of is cutting into things. I love to fussy cut out pictures out of magazines and I'm known to cut out motives from wall calendars. In this spread it is a couple of stickers that got cut up, the girl and the bunny holding a giant gift originally belonged to the same sticker. But as the girl was holding a tiny little christmas tree I felt it needed some alterations. This way I could still use the sticker even though the christmas tree is long gone from our household. The leaves also were part of a sticker, the other half of it is on the other side of the spread. The girl and leaves can be found at Londongifties*. 
The tiny little banner was made of washi tape that I cut into little flags. I then made a little line to *hang* them on and traced the outlines of the flags to give it a more cartoony look. A simple and quick way to make the spread a little more fun and festive, don''t you think?
The last tip of the week is to use sticky notes, or any other paper really  to cover up things you're not satisfied with. Here I was unhappy with the way the swirls and my lines went. I know,  I know it's just a planner but after all I am the one who is going to use these pages every day this week and I need to feel good about what I have to look at. So here I simply glued a sticky note to the page and then used a bit of washi to spruce it up. As a bonus it worked wonderfully to layer the weekly sticker. 
As the week goes on the pages are going to change a bit, I will be posting on  Instagram how the pages turned out by the end of the week!  
Hope you will have a fantastic week! 
* Use the code ANNAPR to get a discount on any purchase over £15. 
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