Last week of January

This week turned out really colorful! It has been so much fun planning with the january kit and it feels a bit sad that it's the last week using it. I always feel a bit lost when a month is about to end, I do love the february kit but I will miss the january daisydori! Anyone else feel like that when you are about  to switch monthly kits?
Something I am really fond of doing is playing around with letters. This is probably the simplest form of lettering! I just make double lines and color them in with ordinary colored pencils. I use a no name brand of pencils and they work just fine! I also used a bit of blue around the letters to really bring out the yellow, plus it is the colors IKEA uses (and yes, this is the third week I am planning to go to IKEA, third time's a charm right?)
Cheated and used the Simone weather stamp set. Later this week I am planning on uploading a video to YouTube with a run through some of  the stuff I will be using for setting up February, this stamp set is among the things I will be talking about so stay tuned! As always I am very excited about the monthly Cocoa Daisy reveal night! Who else will catch reveal? 
For the non swedish speakers VAB means taking care of (sick) kids, which is what I'm doing most of this week, A bit of pink and a cute arrow at least makes it look a little bit more fun, right? It's so much fun to doodle and play with letters in my planner! An extra bonus is that it is free! 
Also how cute is that washi tape? I just can not get over the awesomeness of it! I think it works perfectly for layering stickers on top as well as decoration on its own. Fab!
To see how last week turned out go have a look on my Instagram: kaffekanAnna 
Have a fantastic week  and I'll get back to you soon!