Good bye February

I can't believe that this is my  last spread of February! What I keep closest to my heart is the birthday party we held this weekend. It was so much fun to see our child together with his friends, playing and laughing. We really made some important memories for life. 
As usual I am using my mini daisydori from Cocoa Daisy
One of the first things I do each week is mark out my work schedule. I have gone in and filled out the hours later on. I really like to have that visually in my planner. 
Monday was the busy day of the week and I thought it needed an important sticker. The glasses are a stamp from the February Cocoa Daisy stamp set. I managed to get a partial stamp first but I kinda like how that looks. It works and if it is not broken why fix it? In my experience fixing stuff always ends me up in an even bigger mess (and cover up stickers to prove it). 
The weekly todo list is simple and brings in some more of that fantastic green that has been sprinkled around in this kit. 
Talking about cover ups! When I had these pages set up I had a smearing accident on this page with glue. It wasn't anything major but it has been bugging me the whole month. So I  stamped out a Simon and colored him in with pencils. Did some layering with washi and stickers and the smear is a long gone memory. 
My son who was wth me at the time wanted to play with stamps too so I thought why not? He then gave me all of his little fussy cut treasures and one of them ended up in my planner spreads. It's one of the things I am most thankful of that my eldest shares my crafting need. It really frees up time for me to craft as he can be right there with me, doing his thing. 
Aslo that girl from Londongifties is so cool! I thought she was perfect for friday, I added the tgif and thought it was a fun touch. 
If you want to watch part of my process, there is a video coming up on my YouTube channel, Kaffekananna 
Hope you'll have a great week! 

Take care!